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Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Services

LEP is a leading, trusted provider of authority CRC compliance advice and support in England. We also consult and influence on carbon policy and regulation. Our opinion is taken seriously by the Scheme Regulator and DECC because we offer strategic insight on the implications of policy and regulation based on the carbon data and real-world management experience of 39 Participating Authorities.

Since the introduction of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC EES), LEP has leveraged its established relationship with the Scheme Regulator and DECC to successfully lobby on behalf of Participating Authorities for amendments of CRC regulations and compliance measures. One notable success resulted in the avoidance of significant allowance purchase costs for street lighting and shared supplies to social housing to the value of c.£12m over 3 years.

CRC Internal Audit and Capacity-building support service

CRC scope audit report cover

LEP’s CRC services materially reduce compliance costs for authorities that qualify for Phase 2 of the Scheme. Delivered as part of a Participating Authority’s low cost contribution to LEP, we design, tender, specify the scope of and manage an annual sector-specific internal audit and capacity-building programme. Authorities benefit from:

  • an annual programme of preparatory support for Scheme compliance (policy briefing, technical updates, compliance checklists, document templates, spreadsheet calculation models, peer learning workshops and technical Q&A sessions);
  • a tailored, on-site specialist management and technical audit of CRC EES compliance and business operations;
    LEP wiki
  • detailed CRC audit reports with authority-specific recommendations for compliance and efficiency; and,
  • an online ‘Wiki’ site with template tools, procedures and regulatory/technical clarifications.

31 of 32 authorities responding to our Satisfaction Survey confirmed they were satisfied/very satisfied with the 2014 CRC EES Internal Audit Service.  100% found our specialist audits and CRC workshops useful.  Each year we use our authorities’ feedback on the audit service to develop it further for greater relevance and impact the following year.

Added value from CRC compliance

In addition to Scheme compliance, LEP’s CRC EES Internal Audit Service highlights efficiencies that offer authorities new opportunities for further savings: for example a greater proportion of off-contract energy supplies moved to lower cost corporate contracts, savings through identification of erroneous and duplicate invoices, over-reporting and expenditure on carbon allowances avoided. 

The CRC EES Internal Audit Service is available to authorities in the English regions as a stand-alone service accessed through a specific tier of authority contribution. To find out more, contact LEP team at:, or on 020 8489 1102.