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Code of Practice on Civil Parking Enforcement

  • By London Councils

Parking regulations need to be enforced, but to be enforced the authority must ensure that they are right and they must be properly indicated.

Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) must be readily identifiable and must wear an easily recognisable uniform. They need to be trained and equipped to a sufficiently high standard to allow them to carry out their duties professionally and competently.

Although enforcement policy is a matter for each individual authority, in order to ensure a minimum level of satisfactory operation, the duties and responsibilities of CEOs are set down in the Civil Enforcement Officers Handbook. This is not, however, prescriptive in every detail.

Download the Code of Practice on Civil Parking Enforcement (Part 1: On-street Enforcement Activities) from the right hand column.

Part 2 Processing – the Back Office is currently under review and a revised approved version will be made available online by the end of October 2017.

Code of Practice on Civil Parking Enforcement 2017