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Environmental legislation

We work with our colleagues in Public Affairs to make sure government and private legislation works for London's boroughs. 

London legislation

London Councils has promoted a series of Bills through the Houses of Parliament, many of which relate to environment and transport matters. 

Information about the most recent Acts can be found on this page and information on the levels of penalties set by TEC to accompany this legislation can be found here

Builders' skips

The London Local Authorities Act 2013 was private legislation supported by London Councils and Transport for London and creates a series of powers for highways authorities, including relating to builders' skips. 

London Councils' focus in this area has been setting the penalty levels and an immobolisation release charge, which had to happen before any authority could use the powers. 

More information can be found on our builders' skips pages

Deregulation Act 2015

This was a government bill and we opposed the clauses relating to waste receptacles, as they add a lengthy and expensive enforcement route making the powers all but unusable. 

More information about our opposition, lobbying, and the impacts of the changes can be found on our Deregulation Act page